Friday, January 12, 2007

Does dancing style of 'today's kids' signal lack of intimacy? (Written by STEIN)

Rumpshaker Detroit correspondent Stein just got his letter to The Michigan Daily published. (Reprinted below so we can discuss.)

To the Daily:
I first graduated from the University back in 1996 and just graduated again. In my years of experience here, I have noticed many changes, but none confuses me more than the way you kids dance today.

Just as Rick's has gone from live bands to DJs, dancing has gone from being a primarily face-to-face experience to one that almost entirely involves backing up of the ass. On any given night at any dance club in town, you'll rarely see people facing one another. Now, I enjoy a good dry hump on the dance floor as much as the next guy, but what's up with this phenomenon? Is it a fear of intimacy? Is it that no one knows any other way to dance? Is there some sort of shame in dry humping strangers that makes you not want to look at them? Please give me some insight. I'm sincerely perplexed.

Brian Stein, Alum


Stein said...

Let me start by clarifying that I have no problem with the booty dancing; I’m just wondering why it is so pervasive. When you go to an undergrad club like 90+% of the people are dancing that way.

Nobis said...

I got your back, Stein (though O'Keefe's email was pretty damned funny). It makes perfect sense to stick out the booty while getting down to the Ying Yang Twins or something, but it's kind of disconcerting to watch a bunch of teenagers freakdance to Nickelback at prom...

pava said...

Remember, let's not be too quick to judge. There were some of us who were slow to warm to certain trends like pre-muffin top midriff baring, or girls kissing. I think we should keep the jury out on this one for a little while.