Monday, January 01, 2007

Bowl Recap -- Sad for the Alma Mater, happy for Boise State

If you missed the Boise State upset of Oklahoma . . . . go home and get onto Sportscenter like right now.

I JUST saw one of the greatest 3 hour cinderalla sports movies ever. . . only it was a live NCAA football game. Like Bad News Bears, Mighty Ducks, and Hoosiers. . . all mixed together. . . .

- Little school vs. Big school
- Drama, mistakes, lead changes, and crazy overtime
- Multiple crazier-than-Blitz-style trick plays to tie the game and then win it in overtime
- "Gunslingin' quarterback" and a cast of undersized 'misfits' (with occasional misfit hairstyles even)
- Head Coach who looks like a prettyboy Billy Bob Thornton
- Oh, and even romance -- The running back who scored two TDs, including the game winner, proposed to his girlfriend -- the Boise State head cheerleader -- on national TV after the game.

For me it was a small consolation for Michigan losing to USC again. . . but still pretty sweet . . .

Wishing you the best in 2007. May your year be filled with as much razzle dazzle as the Boise State Broncos' playbook.

PS: Thanks to Stein and Meyotch for whupload of fun over NYE. More to come on that . . . probably.


Balah said...
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Balah said...

Frankly, I was surprised that it ended up being such a close game. Boise is the real deal. I don't think they have the talent to hold up in a big conference for an entire season, but they have enough guys to matchup for a game or two. Add that to a proven offensive system and there you go. As far as the game goes, it was a tremendous finish. Best Statue of Liberty play I've seen in a while, but I think the hook & ladder on the 4th down was even more impressive. Balls.

While I'm at it, I'd like to give some dap to Paul Thompson. He stepped back under center after the Bohmer fiasco and helped OU to a pretty damn good season. Looks like if Stoops would have left him at QB last year and let him work through some problems they could have been a national title contender this year. At any rate, Thompson was screwed around, moved from QB to WR back to QB, and ended up playing pretty damn well.

Nobis said...

The girlfriend/fiancee/head cheerleader? Her last name is Popadics. Snicker snicker.