Tuesday, January 10, 2006

All Stein Weekend PLUS San Gabriel Madness

A great weekend with Stein, Scott, and Lisa entails the following:

- Checkin' out all the funkey people wandering around JannJann's art gallery on a friday night
- Using all day Saturday to go on a San Gabriel Extravaganza, including
- Dominoes at the tiki-themed Bahooka restaurant with no windows
- Wandering through a ship galley in a strip mall at Clearman's
- Eating at the all-lamb Shabu Shabu place
- Saturday night? Catching up with Jillifus at Jumbo's Clown Room where every go-go dancer is like a Suicide Girl.
- Late night? RUMMIKUB!. . . .Yeah, no shit. F.Scott Fitzgerald I think wrote about the levels of enlightenment one experineced after 4am playing rummikub.

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