Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Being Sick Sucks

After a fabulous New Years in SF and a great prom party on the 30th, I caught the flu bug along with a 10 hour drive back from SF to L.A.

Those who know, know that the drive from SF to LA should take 6 hours minus potty stops, EXCEPT when there's so much wind on the 5 south that semi trucks blow over 2 miles in front of you and they shut the highway down.

Oh, so having the flu sucks, especially after you go through the trouble of getting a flu shot.

I haven't had the energy to post any party pics yet, but Angry B did post this pic of the lovely Rosa's Fudge he got for Xmas courtesy of Uncle Thurman:

So, bah humbug. You get no pics of crazy L.A. and SF people dancing around and wearing silly outfits today. . . unless the USC/Texas game is so boring I go through all my photos. . . . but you do get the fudge which is a wonderful thing.

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