Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Night is TV Night (Weekend Recap)

Watching 24 season premiere right now. It is very good. Chloe is the new Gillian Anderson, and Jack is like Mulder, except he's not a big fat wuss.

This comes hot on the heels of a fabulous weekend at the Laguna beach house. I watched the ocean, played poker, watched football, ate beans, and did took many naps in my furry blanket with the best folks ever as always.

Oh yeah, and The L.A. Auto Show plus breakfast at The Pantry wasn't bad either on Saturday. I sat in the same seat that the mayor sits in when he eats breakfast there! (FYI: The Bugatti below was the most expensive car I saw at the show with a pricetag at a cool 1.25 Million bucks. I'd rather have a $448,000 Maybach and a driver for a few years, but that's just me.)

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