Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hollywood Clubs On Fridays Can Be Fun If You Know What To Expect: Avalon Last Night

My assessment of the Avalon friday night.

Getting in was totally Hollywood bad.

Got there around 10:15pm. Near front of the line but waited for 20 minutes for no reason. 5 different types of VIP lines it seemed. I looked back and the line totally carved around the block when we got in. . .

And we did get in for free like the post though the guest list that I signed up for on the internet totally didn't work. (I recommend against based on that stupid experience.

And the club was totally empty despite the long line . . .which is when I sent a series of 'this place sucks' texts to Scott, Lisa, and Melody.

But we waited it out and after about an hour (bet. 11:30 and 12) it filled up to the right amount of decent looking folks. And the music was TOTALLY good. Electro and mashups and a dancing crowd that was pat benatar hipster looking and not agro. Free Form Five was totallly good as was the 103.1 mashup DJ. Suicide Club -- The Killer Ripoff of the Month band -- played a few songs in there too. Not into them, but just that there was a live real band there was kind of neato in a sexy Hollywood way.

Now all that said, I am convinced that we can get that kind of music and night without the line hassle (Echo Park?) but I totally danced for 3 hours straight and was the driver and had a good time so the night was definitely positive after the dumb getting in thing -- which wasn't unexpected.

Line to get in: Thumbs down. . . Strict adherence to the rules is required if you dont' want a hassle or to pay a ton to get in. (Rules: Be on a real guest list or get in line before 10:30pm or way late at night or be prepared to bribe the bouncer.)

Drinks: Expensive, but not a surprise

Music -- at least tonight -- Thumbs Way Up

Crowd: Thumbs Up. It wasn't a Burning Man love in but no one seemd aggro. Not a cologne or bridge n' tunnel crowd like Basque or Forbidden city seemed to be. Very few spaghetti strap black tanktop girls with dudes with the banana republic button down + chain combo. Everyone was there to dance, which actually limited sausage factor I think.

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