Monday, February 19, 2007

Stein in L.A.

Following leg one of his SF trip (see Misty's Morsels) Stein makes his way down to SoCal for shenanigans at Scott Bar, the Magic Castle, taco eating, and more. Here are some pics so far:

Stein eating a taco.

Points L.A.: 85 degrees in the weekend after crabby weather.
The first couple of Scottbar: Engaged

Check it: My cousin Jordin's paintings on sale at Wacko in Silverlake

Unfortunately, I only have pictures of 'Day One Stein' thanks to some weird dehydration problem that has forced me into bedrest and an all Gatorade diet for the past 36 hours.

No kidding. It's like punishment from Old Testament Jesus for having too much fun: No kickball this weekend, no Scottbar cocktails, no Magic Castle, and no Steining.

I swear, ever since getting back from that business trip to Hamburg I've gotten every worthless cold symptom known to man: stuffy nose, sore throat, congestion, and now weird dehydration. Of course, I'm getting them one at a time so it's 4 weeks of limited fun instead of just a week of pure misery.

In any case, my hope is to be back in action by tomorrow (crossing fingers for doc's clean bill of health) so I can get back on plan for at least a couple days of Steinfun.

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Laura said...

Hi Pava--just wanted to say that I am stalking your blog now. Working on UCLA live tickets although no promises...(p.s. I can actually buy tickets for 15 bucks or so, not a bad alternative by any means)