Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weekend Recap -- Superbowl. Prince. Party at the Animal House.

"just when it seemed time to give up on that quaint ritual known as the halftime show, along comes Prince." -- The New York Times

For those of you too cool to watch the Superbowl, you missed one of the greatest 20 minutes in the history of TV. Rain pouring down. . . . Fireworks exploding. . . . 60,000 people with lighters in the air. . . .

and Prince in the middle of a giant neon symbol the size of half the football field. The man busted seamlessly between All Along the Watchtower, Foo Fighters, and Purple Rain. . . like, in the rain.

That lightning, I think it was real. . . .

I know Kym and Geraldine were there, and I'm jealous.

Meanwhile, at my apartment complex, I attended a 36 hour party thrown by my neighbors that involved UFC, beer pong, sparring at the local dojo, a broken foosball table, and of course the Super Bowl itself. Fantastic.

Give Prince a 5 year contract to do Superbowl halftime. Oh, and let K-Fed do another insurance commercial. That was cool too.

PS: I'm not seeing this on YouTube due to copyright restrictions. If you missed this, pray that your best friend still has the halftime show on this Tivo.

PPS: (for when we look back at this 10 years from now): The Colts won. It was Peyton Manning's first championship.


Anonymous said...

Pav, I think those were mostly cell phones lighting the night, not lighters. Get with the times bro. You think in this constant orange alert era, they allow fire makers in stadiums? - lo

Baby Daddy said...

damn, I missed Prince. Pava I got your text, but I'm sorrier than ever that I didn't see Prince and now its not even on youtube.