Sunday, July 30, 2006

Secrets to Not Being an Adult in the Bad Way #1 & #2

(a recurring series unless I get tremendously ridiculed)

#1. Keep trying out new stuff.
  • Be arbitrary about it if you have to. Make up a list of stuff you've always wanted to do, then do something off the list
  • This applies to food, activities, friends, sports. Mix it up a little.

#2. Keep doing things you're bad at but enjoy. And don't be afraid to be bad at things in general
  • With the notable exception of their jobs, grown ups try to avoid doing things at which they suck
  • Doing only stuff you're good at means you won't ever do anything new (see rule #1)
  • The lives of kids are filled with crap they're bad at cuz they're forced into it -- math class, gym, socializing -- Do you think in the younger years that teaches them to be more open minded and tolerant vs. high school where they start getting bitter and angsty?

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