Thursday, June 29, 2006

Screw You, VH1, and Blender, Too. You're a bunch of Liars.

I'm catching VH1 and Blender's 'Top 50 awesomely bad songs' of all time midway through . . . and I've gotta say, I DON'T agree.

#44 -- We Didn't Start the Fire -- Billy Joel
#32 -- Broken Wings -- Mr. Mister
#36 -- Sex You Up -- Color Me Badd
#28 -- Never Gonna Give You Up -- Rick Astley
#27 -- RumpShaker -- Wrecks n' Effectx
#23 -- Thong Song -- Sisqo

. . . and I'm leaving a bunch of other ones out. These are just among the most atrocious missteps.

Obviously, VH1 has gotten awesomely bad music and awesomely AWESOME music confused. Assholes.

Screw you VH1 and Blender and your pretentious-assed opinion of the difference between a good song and a bad song. Unless Norah Jones, John Mayer, and James Blunt make up the entire top 10, you're just plain wrong.

Oh, did I tell you George Lopez is hosting this big piece of lying crap? Bye Bye credibility. Also, I'm noticing that that the zed level comedians and celebs commenting on this are especially unrecognizable. Must be that anyone with a chance of making the Surreal Life knows better than to be part of this steaming pile of musical quackery.

Wow, I'm actually mad about this.

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