Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Have a Day Off next Monday. Any Suggestions?

So, evidently my company gives us President's day (2/20) off. Any suggestions for what to do? This is kind of a surprise vacation day for me. Let me know if you're doing anything good or have any fun things going on this weekend in my part of the world.

Things you are due from me:
1) Weekend Recap (Paint party at Angela's and Rose Bowl Flea Market)
2) London Recap (Yeah, it's getting later but I want to try to do this one justice, mates)

Happy Valentine's Day and/or Crabby Solstice to all.


bourgogne said...

i have a suggestion...CLEAN YOUR ROOM!

Balah said...

Ouch. You had to go there, huh? The room? Ouch.

I have no suggestions, mostly because I hate you for having that day off.

Laura said...

Whatever you do, can Joe and I tag along? hehe :)

pava said...

My room is pretty clean. . . I mean except for copies of Nutz and Zoo.