Thursday, February 16, 2006

Even If I'm Smarter and More Ass Kicking, Still Getting Older

I have been playing like dirty old man basketball for the past week. Guarded a taller than me 15 year old kid who smoked between games and skateboarded to the court and didn't get tired. I did what came naturally. Instinctively grabbed, kneed, and rib shotted the little bastard. Not in a hard-hitting way, but just enough to slow him down. After the game I was like shit, I'm that guy with the weird sneakers and old braces who pissed me off when I was in college. Kid didn't score on me, though.

In related news, I just got my first cavity. Like my 3 year perfect attendance award in high school, you don't get a good prize for having zero cavities, but I'm still pissed I lost out to tooth decay.

Also, I noticed that the Miami Vice clothes have started cycling back in. What you wouldn't be caught dead in for the past 10 years is now becoming clubwear.

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