Saturday, January 28, 2006

Rock Opera By MIT Grad Student or Web Designer

Our manager bud Rick scored John, Scott, and me tickets to see this guy Doctor Steel last night at the Key Club.

Neato cool stage show in the full-on Moons over MyHammy kind of way. Guy looks like the picture down there and totally dresses in the crazy vinyl lab coat. He also has dancing girls in vinyl nurse suits, dirty girl scouts selling merchandise, visuals from old TV, and -most importantly - a full on puppet show live on stage. He sings about robots, and all kinds of other stuff I like.

The Music? Wellll, it sounds like KORN. With Accordian. So, well, I guess I can't always get every single thing I like in a show (though I did like the accordian bit).

I couldn't tell if the Doctor was an MIT grad student living out a dream, or the head of a website design agency who's moonlighting. After checking out his website, I'm leaning towards the latter.

Music rating -- 3/10. Live Schtick Rating -- 9/10.

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