Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Not Sleeping in London. . . Telling You About Local Wrasslin' in Oxnard

Local is a frame of mind. Oxnard is actually like 60 minutes outside L.A., over half the way to Santa Barbara.

Keith and Jeff took a bunch of us here. They know the guy who sets up the ring. He runs a local promotion stocked with what I would call weekend warriors in the way of wrasslin. Their champ is Chazz (see below) whose main talent may be that he's Dungeon Master shaped.

The main reason people show up isn't for the locals though. . . nor for the clowns telling jokes in Spanish. . . nor for the local rappers (who may have been the clowns with less makeup for all I know.)

They show up for the Lucha, which is really cool to see close up in an Elks Lodge. I must admit, my gang did not stay until the end for the LaParka/Dr. Wagner main event. We did however, enjoy ourselves through 3 hours of eating nachos and watching guys like Atomic Fireball beat up on each other, plus clowns and rappers, not to mention high flying Mexican wrestling action.

Up yours, Lucha VaVoom, this is the authentic stuff. (PS: the Elks Lodge sold out the all ages gig at I believe $25 a pop. Hurray for Rudos!)

Chazz the Champ

The Atomic Fireball Calls Me Out
The best thing about this guy was his name: Austin Tatious
This is what we came to see: Crazy Lucha Stuff 3 rows in front of us.
Lucha Guy in Hat. Yeah!

PS: I'm writing you this from London, where I ate a big dinner with wine, went to bed at 11pm, and promptly woke up at 2am. And here I am with a big meeting tomorrow. Oh well, guess it means I slept a lot on the plane today. Sheeit, shoulda stayed out partying with the Germans. . . .More on this as it develops

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misty L said...

The Atomic Fireball guy seems to be wearing the same mask you wore to the PNYE two years ago. Could it be???