Sunday, January 22, 2006

Photo L.A. in Santa Monica with Joe and Laura

OK, so I'm a little err. . . tired. . .from going to Firecracker last night with Joe, Laura, Harry, Hooper, Jillifus, Anhela, and the crew. Shoutouts to Lisa for putting me on the list.

But Laura and Joe talk me into going to Fred Segal's for a latte and then to Photo LA at the Santa Monica Civic Center. Basically, a bunch of photo galleries from all over the country gather in the Civic Center, then make you pay $20 to have you buy their stuff. Which I can't afford cuz it's pics from Life Magazine, famous photographers who I sometimes recognized, and stuff like that.

Kind of overwhelming and out of context IMO photos can lose their value, especially when you see them lying around like poster prints. I mean, I spend $5000 bucks on something, I don't want to know that there are 25 other ones out there.

Anyhow, one interesting bit of work was from this KIM JOON guy. He did what appeared to be very detailed body art photographs. HOWEVER, on reading the fine print, it turns out they're all 3D Studio Max renders.

I actually saw this Adidas one there. It was like 8 feet tall.

Here's another one:

Does this make the art better or worse, that it's all digital? Discuss in the comments.

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Nobis said...

Hmmmm, seems like it makes it worse, in theory, but I don't have a specific reason why. Just seems like a waste to not actually paint 'em, I guess. And the adidas one isn't all that far off from what track athletes really wear anymore. Which is a good thing, in my opinion. Naturally.