Monday, January 23, 2006

Giant Drag in Concert Opposite of a Drag . The Crowd, However. . . .

I came to the conclusion that Good Indie Rockers are the uninhibited leading the inhibited.

This made me write this letter to almost all the kind folks who attended the sold-out Giant Drag Concert at the Troubador tonight (Sunday.)

Deer Shoegazer,

When I see you at a concert, you remind of being in line at the DMV.

Don't look back on your life and say my parents rocked harder, dressed better, and were cooler than me. I feel so safe at your shows that I'm tempted to push one of you over just to see a row of hoodied and Chuck Taylored Emos topple like dominos. While I appreciate not having beer spilled on me at your concerts, I miss the element of danger.

Stop acting like corpses with headphones. Last time I heard, rock n' roll was supposed to wake the dead, not service them. I'm not asking for the moonwalk or hands in the air on every chorus. I just want to see some of you keeping a beat, and the first 5 rows of people at any given show I attend moving around and expressing their enjoyment to the point where I know we're all alive.

Pava the Metal Apologist
PS: Giant Drag, you two were great. You rocked out and you, lead singer girl whom I'm going to have to read about now, I love the shtick with all the sarcasm and wit and stuff and you play a mean guitar and sing pretty. Shoutouts to Scott and Lisa for the discovery (and the Zankou Chicken before the show.)

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