Monday, January 12, 2009

Musical Rant: Almost Every Top 10 Music List Was Wrong This Year

Before I dive into 'what's hot for 2009', I gotta say that any "best album" or "best song" top 10 list this year not mentioning Rihanna doesn't deserve to be taken seriously -- which means almost all of them. The woman took hip hop and Diana Ross diva'd it up 21st century style. Disturbia and Umbrella could have been hits for anyone from Christina Aguilera to CSS. Music critics are contrarians who discriminate against artists just because they are wildly popular. Oh, and just because a band has multiple ethnic types or 'boys and girls' doesn't make it 'top 10'. TV on the Radio is fine and all, but they really ain't nothin' but the Black Eyed Peas for yuppie hipsters.

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DJTennessee said...

Yeah, but you know what?

Rihanna's album "Good Girl Gone Bad" came out in June 2007 and debuted at #2. Then it spent six months of 2008 in the Top Ten. And it's in the top 100 for the first quarter of '09.

So... Rihanna is the new Pink Floyd.