Monday, June 23, 2008

Camp Rock Reviewed - Not as Good as HSM But Not Horrifying

I just watched Camp Rock. I am not any smarter for having watched it. . . but not that much less intelligent either. Skip to the last third in order to speak intelligently with one of the 8.3 million tweens who watched this last week.

Good clean fun. . . but not quite as tolerable as High School Musical. The songs as usual are a cross between 80s duets and Third Eye Blind. Not bad considering. If they replaced most of the adult contemporary stations on my radio with Radio Disney, I wouldn't be complaining.

WARNING: There were MANY ads during the show for Disney Channel's next movie spectacular due August 22, in which THE CHEETAH GIRLS GO TO BOLLYWOOD. Nope. Not Shitting You. Be Bery Bery Afraid.

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Nobis said...

Cheetah Girls + Bollywood? I don't really see how that could possibly go wrong.