Sunday, March 16, 2008

I am going to try to write my posts in poems from now on

I've been dark. No good new photo shoots to report. Just doing a lot of life stuff.

I have decided that you will see the following kinds of posts here on my blog from now on:
1) Photos and stuff
2) Links to things (I'm trying out Delicious and Twitter and all those right now to figure out the best one)
3) Poems.

Yes. Poems. Stream of thought stuff that doesn't suck (I hope). I don't know what kind yet, but I am trying to improve my writing and I think this will be fun and will help.

For instance, a post on this topic might read something like:

Dave is a marketing director,
Thinks all day in Powerpoint and bulletpoint,
On Sunday, he started writing poems on his blog.
Commercials are 15 second haikus.
Ads aren't lies, they're feelings.

Hmmm. . . We'll see how this experiment goes.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Pava

Mark Alexander writing. How are you doing? I was wondring what was happening with you. Hope you are doing well. I have been all over from VT to Savannah GA. Anyways if you care to catch up send me an email

Hope you are well, take care.