Saturday, December 15, 2007

Steve Sanders Sighting in Santa Monica

I'm not a big starfucker. Usually I try to treat any actor/celeb type I see around L.A. like a coworker: Even if I look up to them (or the opposite), I don't go around asking my coworkers for for autographs or photo ops unless I have expense checks that need to get paid.

My celeb exceptions to this rule have always been:
- Mr. T
- Heidi Klum (cuz PRun RULEZ)
- MacGyver
- and Steve Sanders of 90210 fame

So, with that in mind, I apologize to all ya'll who had this conversation with me last night/this morning:

PAVA: (cchssksth shhhket.) "HEY YOU PICKED UP THE PHONE AT 1AM"

YOU: Yeah. You know it's 1am

PAVA: dude I just saw Steve Sand(garble)ers. It's like (garblegarblegarble) foot and (crowdnoiscrowdnoisecrowdnois) f'n scooter!

YOU: What? I can barely hear you.

PAVA: dUDE! Steve fuckin' sanders! Can you hear me

YOU: Sounds great. Call me later


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