Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Gained 8 Pounds Today. It is Thanksgiving.

Home in Berrien Springs. The baseball caps you can buy in the supermarket to support the basketball team say 'BS' on them. (Way to go meta, Fighting Shamrocks!)

More importantly, today was Thanksgiving.

I hate big Thanksgivings. I want my Thanksgiving day routine in my old house:

  • Wake Up
  • Smell Mom baking two turkeys for me and our guests. One is a smoked Butterball from Sam's Club.
  • Mom invites (maximum) of 4 guests to help us eat the two turkeys. This year there were two extras.
  • I watch part of the Lions game
  • We all talk about how awesome the spread is. Two turkeys, two kinds of potatoes, two kinds of rice, 2 kinds of beans, a pie, two cakes, pumpkin bread, and 5 people to eat it all.
  • We all proceed to eat from about 2pm until about 10pm.
  • In the middle of this I sneak out somewhere between first and second dessert course to check the Lions score (losing), falling asleep
  • Alge comes over for 3rd dessert
  • Lots of dishwashing and more eating after the guests leave.

Yeah. I'm happy. Waterbed time.

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