Sunday, October 28, 2007

Euro Road Trip - Day One Observations - It Likes Cold in England

I am going to attempt to write something every day of my Euro road trip.

Day one - England (two hours outside of London):


1) They like it cold here. In a newly-refinished pub/lounge called the VOODOO LOUNGE in a town called Leamington Spa . . . nice atmosphere and all. . . my lamb pie was delicious. . .but they insist on leaving the doors wide open even though it's like 40 degrees outside. People sit around sipping martinis in their jackets no problem.

2) Re: What is a Leamington Spa? It's a town an hour out of Birmingham that's maybe as close as you can get to like a 'sexy suburb' around here. Like a not quite as cool Royal Oak or a Burbank or something.

3) In the locals only pub, I understood the French theatre manager on tour from Paris better than the local fellas ordering up what looks like a mix of Hypnotic and Smirnoff Ice in a bottle. Will find out what that is tomorrow.

4) Jet Lag means a lot of time to play Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It's OK.

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Commando Krot said...

Pava - I'll be London this week! I'll be Norwich for the weekend - any chance to meet up?