Saturday, August 04, 2007

High School Musical -- I Get It. Mostly.

This song is like Peter Cetera Good. No Kidding.

So even though I never considered myself much of a 'tween', I finally made it through High School Musical. . . and I don't know if it's cuz I've still got some 12 year old in my soul or maybe it's the half a vicotin I had tonight (Back's hurting. . . The Vic did nothing. Ibuprofen much better.) . . . but I think I GET it.

So. . . the things I'm guessing and learning from this:

1) It's good. . . but how the heck is it so huge? Disney did not expect this thing to blow up like it did. I mean. . . seriously. They weren't like "This is gonna make up for Meet The Robinsons sucking big ass" when they original released it. I mean it's better than the average 'Disney Channel Movie of the Month'. . . but it ain't no Ten Things I Hate About You. How the hell it was like the #1 album of the year. . . I'm just not sure. Can someone who's like 9 explain please?

2) It's one third as good as GREASE. The first two acts suck. . . but the big third act where they have to have a (SPOILER ALERT) singing contest, big basketball game, academic decathalon and two big dance numbers including the finale is totally good and had me actually doing a little bit of dancing like I was practicing for a Rocky Horror screening. The big duet (Breaking Free) is Peter Cetera worthy. I mean it's American Idol good.

3) Zac Effron = Partridge Family on Steroids. Though by the time HSM 2 rolls around, he might be super great, John travolta and Olivia Newton John are way ahead of HSM lead Zac Effron . . . who is like David Cassidy as a jock. . . which pisses me off because if there's a guy in the high school paradigm who has everything (smarts, good looks, a great singing voice, AND popularity and jockiness), that truly only leaves nerds with goth makeup, bell choir, and smoking cigarettes out behind the dumpster. AKA nothing of lasting value to live for.

And that's what I got to say about that.

PS: 80's FLASHBACK club. . . The guy who wrote half the music in HSM 1 is ROBBIE NEVILLE who many of you will know had a big hit with 'Cest La Vie' back in our Howard Jones/Falco days. Which all somehow makes sense.

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Honkymagic said...

But that's the thing, the great thing (and, from certain standpoints, the terrible, market-melting thing) about the nine-year-old American: no one, I mean no one, has any idea what's going to register with him.

Sure, it's always a crapshoot, and the world is littered with the offal of things dumped 100 times a minute into the market, hoping for the one serious jackpot winner, but at least with the teenage market, you can make a few rough predictions, and with adults, you can make some pretty damn confident guesses, but with kids that are nine, ten, every one is clueless. Everyone.

Does this mean that HSM is giving the "Now That's What I Call Music" series a run for the Billboard money?

And can the LA Branch of the Rumpshaker Empire explain that to me? Compilation albums consistently outselling everything else in the world?