Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hamburg is fun. London is fun if you don't need to wake up.

Just got back from the weeklong business trip to Euro. 3 days in Hamburg. 3 days in Leamington Spa (non-London England), and 15 hours in London.

Hamburg is great. Like a cross between like Amsterdam and Berkeley. Small but full of good stuff to do in a liberal arts kinda way. Oh, and currywurst (bratwurst with curry sauce on top) might rival bacon wrapped hot dogs for late night post-bar crack food.

Now England? Still a blast, but I gotta file an official complaint to hotel operators there: Can you PLEASE wake me up when I ask you to? 1 for 3 is good in baseball, but bad in terms of wake up calls. Please, next time I'm staying there I only want three things: 1) Don't let anyone steal my stuff. 2) Don't let me get bedbugs and 3) If I forget my travel alarm again, wake me up in the mornings.

Good things I saw in Hamburg:
- Currywurst
- Suckling pig
- "Beijing Bubbles", a documentary on punk and rock in China's capital
- Foosball at 3am
- Irish cover band
- HerbstraBe
- Good schnitzel in the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Good stuff I saw in London:
- Decent steak in a hip hop bar
- Great jazz on the east side
- Teaching a newbie bartender how to mix a Hello Kitty
- Watching a bad punk band cut a worse interview. (Q: What are your influences? A: Zeppelin. . . and myself)

Shoutouts to Anna and Karim for a killer Friday, and to Helen for the connect.


Krista said...

Pava, baby, teach me how to mix a Hello Kitty

yrpoison said...


I love that you're spreading the Hello Kitty on an international scale!!

Ok, Ok, I promise I'll post to YrPoison more.


bourgogne said...

wurst is the best.