Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rediscovering Kip Winger??

This in from Nihal. I am skeptical:
I have rediscovered Kip! Someone suggested I listen to his solo albums...that they are totally different from what we remember as "Winger".

Upon listening to "This Conversation Seems Like a Dream" and to "Songs from the Ocean Floor" I will have to say I was very, very surprised and impressed with his work. The guy is quite talented in song-writing and pure musicianship. "Conversation" has a jazzy, blues, rock, Peter Gabriel feel to it and "Songs" is a conceptual album dealing with the tragic death of his wife....very deep and depressing but spectacular album.

Poor Kip should have started out as a solo artist and stayed that way...cuz now, you mention the name, and all you remember is the fluffy-hair metal days. He has "reunited" with the rest of the band and is finishing up a tour in Europe. BUT, he will start the U.S. Tour in January....and coming do Detroit Feb 17th. I'm thinking of going...


Balah said...

Right on cue:

Hair metal never goes away, it just hides for 15 years or so.

SINEDDIE said...

I went to last nights WINGER show in Asbury Park , NJ.
It was really good!!!