Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Falco dies and all he gets is a set of Stairs

Also from Eddie C:
In vienna during Falco's birthday the pole gets inundated with ribbons, love letters, etc.



Actually, he got nothing.

All of us will get the same thing when we die, too. "You will never see a moving truck behind a hearse."

"We have brought nothing into this world, and it is certain that we can carry nothing out of it."

It is the sad truth that death will untimely rip from our hands everything that we have worked so hard to gain. There is no escape.

The Bible says that we all die because of sin. Have you sinned? Take the test and see. You have nothing to lose, and it tells you about how God Himself provided a remedy for those who sin. God bless you.

EddieSF said...

Does the Bible say you get roads named after you if you sin big time? Because almost all the roads in Vienna are named after Nazis. Falco only got stairs.

Anonymous said...


Balah said...

What if Falco IS god? Maybe he took human form, walked the earth, and rose again to make sure we had a reminder of HIS love for us (in the form of stairs and a kickass discography.)

Nobis said...

[I think you know the tune]
Son of Falco Son of Falco, Son of Falco, Son of Falco Son of Falco, Son of Falco, Son of Falco Son of Falco, oh oh oh Son of Falco--Come on and rock me Son of Falco...