Thursday, September 14, 2006


My comments on the Rockstar: Supernova season finale (for the 3 others of you out there that watched it):

Dilana lost the battle but won the war.

She was the only person who had 'incredible' weeks and -- despite huge ego high maintenance etc. -- is just on another level from the rest of the guys.

Personally, if I'm her, I'd rather be doing my own thing or playing with that 'house band' instead of fronting for a bunch of dirty old man has beens and Jason Newsted. (GOD, could Gilby Clarke be MORE useless??)

Supernova obviously wants someone they can boss around vs. someone who might outshine them.

I was not into Lucas' look and thought he was very one dimensional with that raspy shit.

I hope the Panic Channel/Rock Star Supernova tour is called the 'Will Work for Food' tour. Those original Supernova songs are brutal. The best part of that show is going to be when Ryan Star, Toby, Magni, and Dilana play stuff with the House Band. If life were fair, those guys would be headlining and Gilby, Tommy Lee, and Preppy Metallica Newstead would be opening for them.

And don't even get me started on Panic Channel. . . .


Nobis said...

Granted, I only saw one episode, but based on what I saw, the house band absolutely killed. So yeah, put whoever won with them, & forget the B-listers. Plus, Supernova got sued for the name, so there's that lil comedy angle to boot.

misty L said...

I'm too blinded by my love of Tommy Lee to let the negative seep in. However, I DO think Dilana was the best and that she will be better off with a solo career. Oh, and I bought tickets to the show in Oakland as soon as they went on sale. See? Blinded.