Sunday, July 09, 2006

Summer Break in SF Recap -- Days One and Two -- Part One

Recapping my 4th of July weekend cuz it was SO MUCH FUN

Drive up to San Luis Obispo to chillax with Alexhasnopants and Liz. Good to see the SLO gang and all their hospitable oz. of goodness. Of course I forget to take my camera out this day. . .


Arrive in SF. . .
Park the car at The Jamnasium. . . promptly catch up with Trenty and AHG for a beautiful Zeitgeist afternoon. MAN that place is SF biker (as in bicycle) gang scenester now these days. . . enjoyable.

Nighttime. . . off to the Russell-Kenny Mansion, complete with it's own high-tech grotto. . . a grotto that has SOUTH PARK playing on the screen above the pool. KICKASS.

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