Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wheelbarrow Racing and Other Discoveries

Saturday night after the Kentucky Derby, went to the Cocktail Barn to celebrate Simo's birthday. After dinner, walked down the street to experience the thrill that is El Segundo nightlife. Key takeaways are below.

A fancy steak cooked by Simo is a great way to prepare for a night of Dr. McGillicuddy fueled shenanigans. . . and sets you up pretty good for the tomorrow. (PS: Bye Bye Lakers, your season's over.)

El Segundo Community College (ELCC) and El Segundo Civic Center share the same abbreviation. . .

PAVANOMICS BAR RULE #15: WHEELBARROW RACING makes bars FUN and is a completely allowed activity. See also: cartwheels.

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bourgogne said...

yum. a big slab of meat.

needs fries!!