Monday, May 29, 2006

The Kind of People You Want to Hang With . . .

. . . Exercise even if they have stomachaches. When Alex says, "Put on shoes. We're taking an hour long hike up the mountain. There'll be snacks at the top and lots of huge-assed trees to see on the way," they do it.

. . . Recognize the value of peer pressure. When Alex says, "Go to my party garage and dance for two hours because my car stereo is loud," they do it.

. . . Take martial arts, cuz they don't get tired during dance parties and they'll bust out some capoiera during your favorite dance songs if you ask nice.

. . . Don't care about sleeping 10 to a room that's full of loud but non-lethal sleep-farting.

. . . Enjoy being nicknamed.

. . . Give you the invite to chillax with them over Memorial Day. (Like duh. . . Happy birthday to Alex Has No Pants and shoutouts to everyone for a great weekend.)

Big assed trees
The silver bullet and its bigger than normal stereo. . . and Alex with laundry

The party garage by day

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