Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pavanomics Nighlife Rule #4: The Best Parties in Town Are Not The Ones Where They Won't Let You In

This whole Xenii thing. Yet another argument that money is the inverse of imagination.

On the surface: Xenii is a private 'club' where you pay a (large) monthly fee and in turn get to go to a cool 'secret' party every week at a hip location to mingle with celebrities. Occasionally, something wacky and celeb-like will happen at the party, like an NBA basketball player rapping or something. Alleged target audience: Executives with celebrity aspirations but no connections and classy females who supposedly don't like having their butts grabbed in clubs.

In reality: Xenii is a way to monetize the notoriety of RWT celebs* who need a place to party where it's hard enough (but not impossible) for paparazzi to get to, increasing the per-photo gossip rag value of their drunken escapades thereby. Actual target audience? Somehow With Money Wannabes who want access to hot chicks who don't mind getting their butts grabbed by pre-hair transplant Piven types. . . and celebrities. Yeah, it's worth a 4 figure membership fee to wait in line and still be told you don't deserve full VIP treatment or the right to put a friend or two on the guest list.

DISCLAIMER: Having not been to one of these parties. . . I can't say what this Xenii thing is like for sure. But if the L.A. Times article is fairly accurate. . . . that's about what I would expect.

*RWT: Rich White Trash. Citizens whose wealth or celebrity make them act even more like urban hicks than their middle-class equivalent. Examples: Paris Hilton, Tara Reid, Lindsey Lohan, Colin Farrell and the allegedly upscale bridge and tunnelers who date them.

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Rumour said...

disagree i bought a pinata and some icecream once... and i wouldnt let kobe bryant in.