Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Money is for. . . .Vegas

18 hour trip to Vegas. Saw all kinds of things. Stuff like GrooveKitty, the all-female + 1 guy drummer cover band playing the Mandalay Bay. Think of it as Brian Stein's Schiksa Bitches + SexyMcNaughtyStein mixed together. Naturally, Ardell likes to call these kats "Pava's new Favorite Band." He might be right.

After the Mandalay, our own King in Vegas Ron walked us into Club Voodoo on the 50th floor of the Rio. Nice view.

The main takeaway for me on this trip was how much better Old Vegas can be than New Vegas. Even old refurbished Vegas still feels kind of dingy in a good way. At the California -- right down the street from Glitter Gulch -- there was a sign promoting this dive-assed hotel as 'endorsed by National Lampoon for Spring Breakers'. Froopes, you know where we're staying next time we head to LV. . . .

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