Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hellride and Car Shopping

Went to see Hellride at 14 Below last night. This is one of those 'mostly in L.A.' supergroups featuring Pete DeStefano and Stephen Perkins (drummer & guitarist for Porno for Pyros) and punk bass playing god Mike Watt. I think they mostly do Stooges covers. I'm not so familiar with the music of the Stooges as most of my buds are, but the dudes totally kicked ass. Oh, and 14 Below is like 3 blocks from my house.

In other news, am continuing to car shop. Haggling over the Internet with a number of dealers. So far I've gotten the price of the car I have in mind -- a new Honda Civic -- down to like $500 over dealer invoice. Much more fun haggling over the Internet vs. having to put up with new car dealers in person. Also, I'm finding it much easier to shop for a car that's in stock vs. trying to get a frigging hybrid. (Giving up on getting a Prius. Not worth an extra $5K just to ride in the HOV lane for a couple years.)

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